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Dire effects of New Economic Policy on Indigenous People of India

1) Through liberalization Indian Government waved off 25 year old loans of India’s Bania industrialists amounting to Rs. 57,000 crore and interest of Rs. 1200 crores. In addition waved off the current loans of 2 lakh 31 thousand crore ruppees. Beside turned their black money white. This is in opposition to the Constitution of India. In short instead of sharing concern for 100 % of India’s population cared for only Bania industrialists. This is against Constitution.
• Due to Privatization reservation granted via constitution got destroyed. Indian Constitution accepted socialism. And those in whose constitution is have accepted privatization.
• Through Globalization 27,000 foreign companies invited into India and are enslaving the country again. This is against Contitution. So far whenever India has been enslaved it is always only because of Eurassian Brahmins; now too same process is under way.
2) Through SEZ mulnivasi people’s land was taken away by force. Central government (Government of India) has placed this responsibility of taking away the land, on every State government. This is a program of making Bhumiputras landless. This is against Contitution of India.
3) Transformation of individual trade into global business is leading to the destruction of 4 crore individual traders businesses. This is against Indian Constitution.
4) Privatization of Higher and Proffesional Education is underway and as a result class of people creating awakening, organizing will not come into existence.  This is being ensured. This is against constitution of India.
5) Primary and Secondary school education is being deliberated pushed into mess. Deliberately the budget kept for education is just 3.24%. This is against Contitution of India.

In Short jobs of the workers are being taken away. Lands of the farmers are being forcefully taken away. Individual traders’ businesses are being shut. To ensure that intellectual class does nto get generated Higher and Proffesional eduation is being shut down. What is special is that these workers, farmers, and individual traders are all mulnivasis. And the Indian Constitution is written to grant rights to the Indian mulnivasi people. Manusmriti has taken away rights and privileges of these very mulnivasi people.

This means every item is going against Constitution of India. This means Indian Constitution has been ended. No speaks against this either in the Parliament or in the State Assembly; the reason: Poona Pact. Poona Pact created silent people who will not speak. The chief objective of Poona Pact is that the real representatives in the democracy should not be elected.  Today Indian Parliament has 200 MPs from OBC communities, 119 from SC, ST communities and 18 Muslim MPs. That means 200+119+18=337 means more than two-third. But these 337 MPs has not right to speak even a word in Parliament. The reason: Poona Pact. Such a vast destruction is taken place with our mulnivasi brethren, the work against Indian Constitution is ongoing, and even then not a single MP speaks out in Parliament, reason: Poona Pact.

Our mulnivasi people consider politics as struggle, agitation and organsisation. Actually Politics is different from struggle-agitation and organization is different. Exactly this is not known to lot of our mulnivasi people activists, leaders and even intellectuals; this is very sad and regrettable reality. Those who consider themselves as stalwart intellectuals, thinkers, economists beg with Congress or NCP for a single seat. And what is special is that they do not get even this one seat in response of their beggary. Actually these intellectuals and thinkers must have awakened unawakened people, organised unorganized people, they must educate them, and they must develop self respect in them. Phule-Shahu-Periyar-Ambedkar never agititated for getting bhakar (Food item in India), the great struggle that they waged solved the problem of Bhakri(Food). Those who does not have self respect in their own roots, how will they create self-respect in others? When they don’t have it in them how will be shown outside? In Short there is 0% implementation on Indian Constitution.

(Thursday, 04 July 2013 15:48)
Karanataka Poll- Results re-illustrate the bi-polar system existing in India

Wednesday, 8 MAY,13
Bangaluru| ILNNetwork
The results of the Karnataka Assembly elections came out today, where the BJP government has been thrown out of throne by the people and the Congress has won the election with the absolute majority by grabbing 121 seats out of 223.
We accept the people’s mandate, said JagdishShettar, the ex-CM of the state and submitted his resignation to the Governor H R Bharadwaj in the evening. He blamed the corruption issues and the split in the party for its loss.
BJP could bag only 40 seats as compared to 110 in 2008 elections. The JD(S) bagged 40 seats as compared to 28 last year, while the B S Yeddyurappa led KJP could bag 6 seats, but it succeeded in harming the BJP across the state and which is the major reason behind the BJP’s defeat.
The win of the congress after the BJP’s government has once again illustrated the bi-polar democracy existing in India. Kanshiram, the founder member of BAMCEF, DS4, BSP used to say that BJP and Congress are theNagnath and the Saapnath, when NagnathcomesSaapnathgoes and when Saapnath comesNaagnath goes, but actually there isn’t any change in the policies and the govenrnance. The Indian rulers (The Brahmins, undoubtedly) have been successful in establishing such a system in the country that the ruling party may change i.e. either BJP or Congress, but the ruling class must not change. The Congress is the original Brahmin party while BJP is the second Brahmin’s party, CPI is the third Brahmin’s Party and the CPI(M) is the fourth Brahmin’s party. Three percent Brahmin’s have four national parties, which ensures that they are the ruling class irrespective of which Party is in rule.
So ultimately we can say that, whosoever may be in power, actual ruler is the same and hence there is no change in the policies and the governance. This is the fundamental reality of the democracy existing in India and hence this democracy itself is unreal and a big drama in the name of it. A question which may arise here is that the MPs and the MLAs are chosen through elections by the people only, then how one can say, that the democracy is unreal. See, the candidates who stand in the elections on behalf of these parties are nominated by the Party. And those who nominate, they dominate. Hence, these MLAs and MPs elected through the elections are not the representatives of the people rather they are the representatives of their Parties.  So they don’t raise the issues on behalf of their society but they just follow the orders of their party high command and hence are the fake representatives of the people.
It is therefore necessary to bring about a social revolution in the country and to eliminate this inhumane ruling class from the throne and establish a system based on equality, liberty, fraternity and justice and thus make this nation a true democratic-republic nation. ILN is dedicated for this cause.

(Thursday, 09 May 2013 03:47)
SC gives a DECISION again, says- FDI in retail is a boon!

New Delhi| ILN Network

There was a series of awakening session run by Bharat MuktiMorcha recently, where the topic was that the Indian judiciary doesn’t do justice rather it gives decision. This got proved once again today when Supreme Court issued a judgment which says that the FDI in retail is a boon.

FDI, which stands for Foreign Direct Investment is a bid by the current rulers to do the globalization of the retail market so as to eliminate the people who are earning their bread and butter by means of small and medium retail businesses. Around 5 Crore people in India earn their money by this means and hence more than 20 crore Indians are dependent for their bread and butter on the retail businesses. This bid will eventually result in grabbing the means of bread and butter from these indigenous Indians.

Still, SC gave the decision that the FDI in retail is a boon. Based on the logic that the consumer is the god, hence if FDI in retail can provide the consumers more options at lesser price then it is a boon! WamanMeshram, NP, Bharat MuktiMorcha, once while presiding over a conference on the issue of the judiciary said that the Indian Judiciary is not giving the judgments by interpreting the constitution, but it is issuing anti-constitutional judgments. His statement seems logical asthis judgment issued by SC is definitely against the poor people as it has backed the anti-constitutional, anti-poor policies of the Indian rulers.

Time has come to wake up for a structural change, people want to live in a state where the justice is guaranteed to every citizen. The Indian Judicial System should be restructured so as to have the representation of all the sections of society in the judicial process and justice should be guaranteed to each and every citizen. Unfortunately, this is not the case in India. ILN is dedicated to establish a system based on equality, freedom, brotherhood and the most important-justice.

(Saturday, 04 May 2013 07:31)
BMM supremo unleashes the truth behind the four major problems in India.

THU, APR 25, 2013

Pune|ILN Report

The unexposed truth behind the four major problems in India got unleashed today by the most dynamic leadership of the indigenous Indians in India, Waman Meshram, National President, Bharat Mukti Morcha. He was in the city for the special occasion of the Satyashodhak Jivan Gaurav Puraskar Sammelan, which was held in the presence of thousands of people at the historical Shahu College promenade, today evening. In this exclusive function the Satyashodhak Jivan Gaurav Puraskar was awarded to Satyashodhak Uttamrao alias Annasaheb Patil for his lifelong contribution towards the satyashodhak movement which was initiated by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule. Justice P.B. Sawant, Retd Justice, Supreme Court of India, was especially present in this function . The President of Sambhaji Brigade, Pravindada Gaikwad was also present on this special occasion along with Adv. Rahul Makhre, National Gen. Secretary, Bahujan Mukti Party and several other dignitaries.

While doing the presiding of the function and delivering his power-packed speech in front of the thousands of people gathered at this occasion, the undisputed leader of the indigenous Indians, Waman Meshram, propounded the need to revive the Satyashodhak Movement. He clarified that Satayashodhak movement, according to him was not movement of charity, rather charity was a way, but the objective was attaining the Freedom from the slavery of Brahmins and the brahminism. He told, that Mahatma Jyotirao Phule himself had clarified his objective by saying, “Till the time Britishers are there in India, the Shudra and the Ati-Shudra have the opportunity to free themselves from the slavery of Brahmins, the Shudra and the ati-shudra should encash this opportunity at the earliest.” The writers and the framers of the syllabus in India have deliberately done the propaganda of the Mahatama Phule’s movements as the social improvement movement and have tried to hide the ultimate goal of his movement.

While explaining the need to revive the Satyashodhak Movement, Waman Meshram unleashed the hidden truth behind the four major problems in India. First - the Corruption, while talking about this national problem, he said that before finding the solution to a problem, we must know its cause. The people who are so-called fighting against corruption as highlighted by the Indian media, when asked upon the cause of this problem were mum about it, Waman Meshram said. We must be aware of the fact that the basic reason behind the corruption in India is that in India there is an absolute control of the power in the hands of Brahmins. As a western thinker says, Power is corrupt but the absolute power is absolutely corrupt. To justify this fact he gave the evidence of the International Transparency Organization, whose report says that India is not a corrupt nation rather it is an absolutely corrupt nation. He propounded that the people who possess power they need money to continue being in power as they require to buy the votes during the election. Thus the basic reason behind the corruption and black money in India is the absolute or uncontrolled control of Brahmins over the power.

Second, speaking about the second major national problem- poverty and the starvation in the country, he said that if the current rulers want to continue being in power, then they need to buy the votes. Now, why would someone sell their votes, if he is not in the need of money? Hence in order to buy their votes the people in powers need to keep them needy. A country which has an annual budget of 16 lakh crores can eliminate the poverty within five years but the people are being kept poor intentionally to make it easy for the ruling class to buy their votes and continue being in power. This is the reason why Indian economy is different; here along with the growth in the economy rate, the poverty is also growing, while this is not the case in other countries.

Next, speaking about the third major national problem, the growing terrorism, Waman Meshram said that the terrorist activities are being deliberately carried out because terrorism helps the current rulers to do the religious polarization of the people of the country. As soon as any terrorist activity happens in India, the news is flashed within 24 hours that some organization like Indian Mujahuddin has done it or taken the responsibility of this blast. As soon as this news reaches the common people, they think that it is done by Muslims and hence it helps in raising the hatred among the people against the muslims and ultimately all the SC, ST and the OBCs, the majority, unite in the name of Hindus and after uniting in the name of Hindus, the Brahmin (the ruling class) automatically becomes their leader. Thus such terrorism is helpful for them to do this religious polarization and take the political benefit. On the contrary, Asit Chatterjee alias Swami Asimanand himself admitted that he did 21 blasts in the country at different places which includes the Malegao Blast, Blast at Ajmer, Samjhauta Express blast and several other cases. In all these cases the innocent muslim youths are arrested and are in Jail till date. Thus he unraveled the hidden truth behind the terrorism which persists in India. He also said that after the WTC incident only two such cases have happened in America while in India the list is long. This proves that Indian governments were unsuccessful (rather deliberately) in controlling the terrorism.

Last, speaking about another major national problem- the growing Naxalite activism, he said that under the new economic policies, the government is inviting the international corporate giants to open up their industries in India and utilize the unlimited natural resources available here. The lands under which these natural resources exist are owned by the Adivasis of the country. So government is trying to finish these Adivasis by declaring them naxalites. Naxalism is a result of the policies of the ruling class only, he clarified.

Thus, in his speech, Waman Meshram , the national president of Bharat Mukti Morcha, unleashed the hidden truth behind the four major national problems and thus propounded the need to revive the Satyashodhak movement as initiated by Mahatma Jyotirao Phule, across the country. He announced in this special function that he takes this responsibility to do the same on National Level and said that he will take this movement to glory by 2020. At the end of his speech people were filled with enthusiasm for fighting against the inhumane system in India and achieving absolute freedom from it. ILN wishes the glorious success of this humanitarian mission.

(Sunday, 28 April 2013 12:26)
Social Polarization A Need Of Today’s Generation!

Father of the nation Mahatma JyotibaPhule told us the need of social Polarization.  For those who have become the slaves of Hindu Casteism, to get out of this slavery, the solution is Polarization. And therefore JyotibaPhule wrote a book named “Gulamgiri”. The same movement was then run by ChatrapatiShahuMaharaj and Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar. And due to these movements, all the indigenous Indians, who were divided into 6000 castes, got united. And they too instantiated the feeling of unity inside them and gave a pace for social Polarization. Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar through the Constitution Article 340, tried to give reservation to the OBCs. On 26th January 1950 the Constitution was implemented in India. Because of which a revolution started up on small level in India. Through Constitution, SC, ST people started getting reservation. And for their benefit and welfare, many plans were introduced. Apart from this, for the remaining backward classes of the country, the formation of Commission started up so that their Polarization and development should be done. Kaka Kalelkar was made the Chairman of the Commission who believed in Bramhinical culture and was also the pet dog of Gandhi. He himself said that, “The kind of report I am making will never be practically implemented”. And from that day till Mandal Commission came, the Backward classes were kept in slavery under the name of Hinduism. But now, through Bamcef and likewise many other organizations, the eyes of Backward classes people have started opening on large level. They have started saying, ‘we too need reservation’. And after the implementation of Mandal Commission, when SC, ST, OBCs came under reservation, the rise of new energy started up inside them. And due to which a bigger social polarization took place. And a bigger class was formed to take the reservation. And because of this polarization, a kind of dissatisfaction started up in Bramhinical class. They thought, due to reservation the kind of social polarization is taking place and importantly Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians are also supporting them. And 85% of country’s people have started getting united. Because of which the Bramhinical system was started getting extinct. Due to which they feared, in coming future they all will become beggars and no one will give them a penny. And therefore, Brahmins in the name of communalism used their final weapon and started riots all over the country.

As Mandal Commission was implemented, Brahmins started saying, “Hinduism (Vedic Brahmin Caste) has come on the way of extinction. Please save it and guard it”. And therefore, till Hinduism i.e., Bramhinism don’t end-up, till then the people of our country will be divided into various castes. They will never get their real freedom. That is why these Brahmins have made us slaves since last thousands of years. And now too they are doing the same thing. For this, the Bramhinical thinking which has made the conspiracy of making us slaves, should be ended-up. And this is the duty of all MulnivasiBahujans. This will give our country its real freedom. Any kind of disputes will not arise. No riots between Hindu-Muslims will take place. If we read out the history of our ancestors, we will get inspiration from them. When the Eurasian Brahmins attacked and defeated the mulnivasis of our country, and established and divided them into castes. On the basis of inequality, they established varnavyavastha and put all the mulnivasis on the lowest level and named them as ‘Shudra’ and made them their slaves. Their Social, Educational, Economical, Mental position was made brutal and throwed them in the darkness of poverty and slavery. But this despotism didn’t last long. After that in the Ancient period of India, TathagatGautam Buddha united all the mulnivasis and started up movement against it and developed a higher level thinking, ‘BahujanHitay, BahujanSukhay’ which means, Mulnivasi society is a majority people’s society. And for the welfare and happiness of the Mulnivasi society, Gautam Buddha told the way for freedom. In ancient India, the work of social polarization was done by TathagatGautam Buddha. And because of which a revolution took place in India. At the time when Brahmins deprived the Mulnivasis from their rights in the name of Untouchables and made them their slaves, at that time, through the revolution, Tathagat made the slaves the Kings of the country. He developed a system based on equality, fraternity, freedom and justice for the Mulnivasis. He developed Knowledge-Science for them. He gave the rights to the female citizens. The prime reason for this social revolution was Social Polarization.

Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar says- “The society which doesn’t know its history, that society cannot create its history”. We should take some lessons from this.

Jay Mulnivasi!

(Wednesday, 24 April 2013 18:49)

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